WeARE Adaawe at the Edinburgh Fringe

We are ADAAWE Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2017 Rehearsal LA California

This is a story about the moon

This is a story about hands reaching for shining icons

This is a story about dreams that shed light in the dark

We are the moon

We are women

Life is our sanctuary

Beat the drum.  

Be the beat.

The Adaawe tradition is a gathering of Ghanaian women in their villages on the full moon to tell stories and drum as a ritual of catharsis. It speaks to the vitality of the feminine, celebrating significant acts of heroism through the divine stories of Orisha gods, elemental forces.


WeARE Adaawe featured members of the all-female drumming band, Adaawe, in a free exploration of great women through great music and vocals. If you’d like to learn more about the band, you can find them here: https://adaawemusic.com