Vault Radio Scotland

Vault radio scotland

Delighted to be working with Kyle Wilson (Flow State Music) and the team at Vault Radio Scotland.

We are Vault Radio! Based in Edinburgh and starting as a lockdown project in April 2020, the station now broadcasts 24/7 with a host of local DJ’s, promoters, musicians and radio presenters from around the UK. 

We are providing access and opportunities on the radio station that allow users to engage with presenters as well as including music submissions from local creative talent, and there’s a lot of it!

Vault Radio operates on an open door policy. No matter your experience in life or radio broadcasting you’re more than welcome to join the team. The aim of our project is to break down barriers within the creative industry, in a way that allows users to gain experience whilst feeling able to use that experience for further paid work within music. Inclusivity not exclusivity.

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