Tristan und Isolde: Act 2

Tristan und Isolde

Act II of Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde with the YMF Debut Orchestra. Broad Stage, Santa Monica California. January 31st, 2010.

Considered incredibly difficult and expensive to put on, Tristan und Isolde is rarely performed, however thanks to Ms. Vlahos’ brilliantly condensed version and a remarkable donor to YMF (who wishes to remain anonymous), Allport Productions and YMF were able to bring this production to the Broad Stage in Santa Monica and the screen.  With the stage production directed by Ms. Vlahos and the television production directed by Chris M. Allport, audiences world-wide will now be able to experience this timeless romance in full HD video (see Imdb).

Tristan: Jeffrey Springer

Isolde: Othalie Graham

Brangane: Erica Brookhyser

Conductor: Case Scaglione

YMF Orchestra

This was a unique opportunity to create a staging and environment integrating the orchestra.

Stephanie Vlahos, Director