the men that froze the fish

Unlocking the data within the past.

The Men That Froze the Fish is a multi-media social history archive about the Orcades Viking 111 deep-sea fish-freezer trawler and the many men that were part of her ownership and crew. The audio aspect of the archive contains first person accounts, in their authentic voices, from ex-crew from as far afield as Thailand and Nashville to across most of the Orkney Isles, relating their backgrounds then their fishing memories from places as diverse as The Faroe Islands, Chile and New York then going on to recount what they’ve been up to since the early 1990s.

As part of our continuing development of new ways for creators to inhabit and flourish within the extending digital landscape, we intend to construct this archive using our own innovative approach to data curation to create a best practice for others. In turn this creates an environment to unlock the data contained, within the original audio, to seamlessly generate added value digital content that can be used in several beneficial ways to improve and enhance any creative project.