Thea Musgrave for her 90th Birthday

thea musgrave

“I am a woman and I am Scots and I was educated in France.” —Thea Musgrave

Women in the arts are unique.

Their voices can be filled with light and darkness. They tread hard edges, softening or gently revealing the depth of human experience through the inspired womb of invention and deep reflection.

Thea Musgrave might not think she was a pioneer in classical music, but she was. She navigated her artistry through a man’s world when very few women were doing it.

This is a small celebration of her genius and elegant fortitude. As Thea might describe her life experience, she came as an equal and never considered herself anything but.

I filmed Thea Musgrave and her husband, conductor, Peter Mark, as a means of exploring a collaborative celebration with the city of Edinburgh.

Part of my preparation often involves creating pitches such as this one.