The Art of the Possible – the podcast as dramatic ruse for dramatic storytelling

“When artful expression went silent in Lockdown, overtaken by the angry volley of rhetoric on social media, stuff shifted.

Arguably, artists say what is recklessly expressed on social media with tools that are far more succinct, thought-provoking, and impactful – craft, the benefit of mentors, and the understanding of dramatic structure, of poetic metaphor and simile.

For as much as I appreciate video and YouTube as archival devices, as a stage director, I have never seen a staged work rendered in film that captures the magic of theater, of live experience – to reach in, reach out, to break the fourth wall.

But the podcast or Spoken Word does. It’s an intimate space where the actor speaks directly to us in the same room – our heads.

The American (in)Tent is inspired in part by the potential of the Spoken Word. We see it as a place for artists to persist in what they do best despite the worst of times, a place for artists motivated to speak on tough life subjects with eloquence.

We are inspired by artists as thought-leaders, and for as much as we are interested in the product, we are also deeply interested in the thought-process that lead to the creation. Process is a wonderful story.

For the Edinburgh Fringe ’21, American (in)Tent offers works in progress, works about the process of creation, works in audio before becoming visual. We aren’t end-gaming, we’re celebrating the art of the possible.”