American in Tent

As an extension of We Are Global, the American in Tent emerged as a collective of artists interested in speaking to the American narrative. We honor diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails us. We are also interested in promoting fruitful cultural exchange, greater global awareness, and exploring ways to ensure that even in the darkest of times, the artist’s voice is heard.


Because we see artists as thought-leaders.

We begin with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a place to envision new work without artistic constraints, and arguably the largest festival in the world dedicated to the art of performance. The American (in) Tent offers a creation platform with adjunct offering at global festivals in addition to a dedicated audio platform that reaches to all audio Spoken Word (podcast) channels (Apple, Spotify, etc). It is the perfect space to create, collaborate, perform, perfect, and outreach work to audiences beyond the artist’s typical reach. It is an ideal place to represent work as part of a cooperative of artists while breaking the 4th wall in advocating alternate platforms for artistic expression. We see audio spoken word as a place to speak to and through one’s art.

This year’s mainstage performances gather around the theme of the stranger. Americans as strangers, cultural and personal estrangement in one’s own country, the strangers in our families, the disenfranchised, the marginalized, learning to celebrate all the different parts of one’s identity despite societal prejudices, and the quiet injustice and ostracism of citizens seeking parity in our justice system.

Don’t be a stranger. Join us!

Stephanie Vlahos, Curator, American [in] Tent, Edinburgh 2021