Audio as an engaging experience – for creators and audiences

For some years we have been exploring how creators and artists can develop their skills so they can better reach in and engage an audience.

We Are is motivated to develop a platform that could off-set the strictures of ‘lockdown’ and reduce environmental impact. Our intention is to create a community which is sustainable and inclusive.

Our current focus is on using digital audio content and how that can be better discovered to improve promotion and audience development – whether for live performances, virtual shows and to create an archive of both process, practice and performance.

We Are exploring the evolving virtual world. We hope this can provide opportunities for artists to create, develop and present their work and reach live audiences in the real world.

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24/7 all year – we are global

The sun might shine, the rain may fall but there is a relentless interest in spoken word communications. Digital audio can be made available in a range of settings.

With the support of both and We Are Vocal is available to everyone who can connect. That could be on Alexa, via Podcast channels such as Apple and through ‘live’ radio. We even have an App.

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Reading and Listening

From time 00:10:39 to time 00:10:41, speaker Imani says:
Okay, this is different.

From time 00:10:41 to time 00:10:42, speaker Geoff says:
What’s the name of the account?

From time 00:10:42 to time 00:10:43, speaker Imani says:
Floating code blue.

From time 00:10:44 to time 00:10:48, speaker Geoff says:
Oh, my God. Sometimes Imani. That’s the lyric in the song. My Me.

From time 00:10:48 to time 00:10:48, speaker Imani says:

From time 00:10:49 to time 00:10:53, speaker Geoff says:
I know, right? However, it’s a private account. It doesn’t allow followers.

From time 00:10:54 to time 00:10:56, speaker Imani says:
I thought getting followers was the point.

From time 00:10:56 to time 00:10:58, speaker Geoff says:
What I mean to say is you have to put in a request to follow.

An audiogram allows engaging teasers to be shared through Social Media. You can also provide sections of the narrative as text.

Question – What is my book about?

We start with an astronaut floating in the inner sanctum of a spaceship while Mercury does his daily chores.

He muses and speaks aloud. And then somewhere, mid series, we see John K. Mercury’s reality differently.

John K. Mercury is just a guy in a suit who’s barricaded himself in a random gas station’s public bathroom in the middle of the desert.

Headline: John K. Mercury is just a guy in a suit who’s barricaded himself in a random gas station’s public bathroom in the middle of the desert.

Gist: The mystery of John K. Mercury

There are many methods to analyse and articulate key messages. These can be summarised from the transcript.

This is part of a creators research process.

John K Mercury What is my book about

Answer –
The mystery of John K. Mercury

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