Mercury’s Wake

Mercury’s Wake tells the before-and-after journey of seven strangers who meet in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas where they find commonality and inspiration in a bestselling novel about a misbegotten astronaut, John K. Mercury, as he hurtles through space in search of answers. Within the context of chance and probability, all seven characters, likewise recklessly adrift, follow in John K. Mercury’s metaphysical wake until the odds catch up to them–a mass shooting at the Vegas Pompeii

Mercury’s Wake speaks to first world ironies, prejudices, narcissism, dysfunctional relationships, loneliness, and the emergent disease of disgruntled resentment–where utopia rears its nearly dystopian head. It asks the question, what do we all really want and how do we get it in a fractured world where taking a trip into deep space for a little perspective isn’t an option?

Mercury’s Wake is attributed to the author A.R.Eyes. No one has yet to determine the author’s existence.

Somewhere in the multiverse of Caesars, where lives teeter between chance and probability, Bozzy O’Reilly, a Caesar’s Palace room service waiter, meets his karmic destiny. Bozzy’s karmic coil begins in the 1800’s with an unpaid personal debt between his ancestors: a lord and his bastard son. 

Imani Cosmos is a young woman plagued by the untimely deaths of both of her parents, and as a woman of color navigating the minefield of ever-rising American white supremacy, she seeks answers through a prism of loneliness and alienation. 

Rhea Quackenheimer is a Gen-X woman who knows where she’s going, or at least she thinks she does until an earthquake shakes up her tidy world of doing business and jettisons her into an uncertain universe. 

 Weirdo Cool is an ex-New York DJ reinvented as a hip crooner. Cool seems to have everything going for him but happiness. 

Candida Maxima is a devotee of John K. Mercury and a stripper. It isn’t her libido that’s charged by an ever-ready battery, it’s her ambition. 

Westerly is a dissolute English lord with a penchant for desperate men with destructive habits. Unbeknownst to Westerly, he has inherited a karmic debt, and it isn’t until Bozzy makes a fateful room service delivery that the karmic tangle between Westerly and Bozzy begins to untangle. 

For Johnny Correre, life is a crapshoot. After all, who would choose to be a mobster?  Johnny Correre fantasises about another life somewhere out there where John K. Mercury ascends and plays hero in a story that, ordinarily, would be unattainable for a guy like Johnny, that is, unattainable until Johnny picks up a strange hitchhiker after a fierce electrical storm somewhere out in the barren wasteland of Nevada.  

            “What do you see, Mr. Mercury?”

                  “A sign.  It reads, For a good time call Lorna.”

                  “Seriously, John, what is ahead of mankind?”

                  “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”