Stephanie Vlahos

I am a witless forger of my fate, a fate that should have been about touching a life, providing someone insight into their humanity, reminding whomever that all of us are everything. We are all, we are…

from John K

I’m a storyteller.

I have sung opera, self-expressed through performance art, mentored, directed, produced essentially, explored my voice.

A recent shift in my life has led me to deeper reflections expressed via another voice, a writer’s voice.

I value collaboration and the breadth of insights collaborating gives me.

Having spent a creative life as a journey rather than a port-of-call, I have landed in wonderfully rich and unexpected destinations.

I am interested in artists’ journey at various points along the way. I am interested in assisting expression in what ways I can. I cherish creative perspectives and the camaraderie in sharing how each of us approaches the journey.

stephanie vlahos

Interview with Joan Quinn – West Coast editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, Joan’s constant snapshot taking for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner of emerging and established artists. Her ‘The Joan Quinn Profiles’ cable television show created an archive of people in the creative world.