Rap O’Shanter

Robert Burns a well known Scottish poet who is celebrated around the world and in Scotland

A seminal poem by a a well-known poet, more modern man than dusty cultural hero.

The question is, how modern is Burns?

The story of a rapper and Robert Burns in collaborative conversation.

Tam o’ Shanter (Original) 

When chapmen billies leave the street,
And drouthy neibors, neibors meet,
As market days are wearing late,
An' folk begin to tak the gate;
While we sit bousing at the nappy,
And getting fou and unco happy,
We think na on the lang Scots miles,
The mosses, waters, slaps, and styles,
That lie between us and our hame,
Where sits our sulky sullen dame.
Gathering her brows like gathering storm,
Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.
The wind blew as 'twad blawn its last; 
The rattling showers rose on the blast; 
The speedy gleams the darkness swallow'd 
Loud, deep, and lang, the thunder bellow'd: 
That night, a child might understand, 
The Deil had business on his hand....    ----Robert Burns