Pacific Cinderella at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Pacific Cinderella

Interviews with the students and faculty from the LA County High School for the Arts on their production of Pacific Cinderella (太平洋灰姑娘) created in collaboration with the Hangzhou Arts High School through the support of the Confucius Institute in Los Angeles.

Pacific Cinderella 

—is a story that is a metaphor for coming-of-age not just for the individual but for our global community.  

It is a cross-cultural journey that begins before the production ever happens where young people from two separate arts high schools share classic cultural traditions but also share their commonality of the stage and or their own popular traditions.  This sharing eventuates in a production called “Pacific Cinderella.”

The Perrault story of Cinderella is predated by a nearly similar story entitled, Je Xian.  The beauty of this coincidence is that it suggests a global sharing through storytelling and traditions long before the word “global” took on a value for our modern world.

These stories are the perfect platform to express the commonality of our cultures.  Loosely told, these stories speak to greater metaphors about our emerging culture, our youth,  and the value of art in our global community.