Mercury’s Wake

Where sci-fi is yesterday’s news when you already live in dystopia.

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Bonus Tracks

No I am John K.

You want me to talk about irony? You want me to feed into other people’s tragedies? You want me to paint a picture? Hell, it’ll take me years to tell someone what I saw, and that would have to be someone who made me feel safe, not fuckin’ exposed.

Mercury’s Wake moves from London to New York City, Connecticut, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Kentucky, Texas, and the Nevada Desert, oh, and Mars.

Mercury’s Wake is aural cinema that has a stickiness like a soap on steroids. Part fantasy, part science fiction, romance and comedy.

The Orbital Universe

I am a motorcyclist in a hailstorm recklessly speeding by the grace of a slipstream.

from the book John K.