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American [in] Tent – COVID safe

American [in] Tent Fringe 2021 – virtual spoken word venue

The Art of the Possible

An expanding group of artists speaking to the American narrative.

Promoting diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails us.

Increasing the opportunity to use Spoken Word to positively support learning, while reducing negative impact on the environment.

We seek fruitful cultural exchange, greater global awareness, and exploring ways to ensure that even in the darkest of times, the artist’s voice is heard.

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American [in] Tent – June 2021

Bringing Voice to the spoken word

Interview with Stephanie Vlahos

The American [in]Tent is a collective of artists interested in speaking to the American narrative who honour the diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails them. In the first of our Edinburgh Fringe coverage for the 2021 festival we spoke with founder Stephanie Vlahos about American [In]Tend and what we can expect.

My story is kooky. I’ve been a stranger in a strange land going through a pandemic.

I grew up on the East Coast and have lived in Los Angeles for a number of years, and then, I moved to Edinburgh, U.K. not long before Covid hit. I clearly remember the last show I saw at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre which was  Nixon in China, late February. Who knew? The strange part of it for me has been acclimating (or acclimatising per British English) when there’s little opportunity to socialise or even interact in the most basic ways. I also miss seeing people’s expressions, it is so much easier to break barriers when you see someone smile. 

I have spent my time writing. I wrote a novel which I am adapting to podcast as a more dramatic offering. It’s kept me out of trouble and thriving in my imagination, which has always been key to my survival.

Interview with The New Current