Lion in Winter, Colony Theatre


Mariette Hartley and Ian Buchanan bring star quality, decades of stage and screen experience, and award-winning acting chops to the Colony Theatre’s splendid revival of William Goldman’s The Lion In Winter, a 12th-century drama so rich in family intrigue, it could easily have served as a model for any number of night time soaps.

…Director Stephanie Vlahos, an opera singer with acting chops, deftly weaves the talents of a skilled cast into a seamless performance. Scenic designer David Potts set artfully conveys the hard, cold world of Chinon, and costume designer Kate Bergh dresses the players in an appropriately gloomy style.

CULTURE VULTURE, George Alexander

With drama on as a majestic a scale as this, Stephanie Vlahos proves an inspired choice to direct the near operatic Lion In Winter, a play which the artistic director of Opera Posse stages quite grandly indeed, beginning with a striking opening sequence which has characters striding across the stage one by one as Eleanor looks down from her prison tower. ”

STAGE SCENE LA, Steven Stanley