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Sammie Wayne Poe

This is show about my family. It travels from West Point Mississippi to New Orleans Louisiana in the 1960s and 1970s to Chicago in the 1970s and 1980s to LA in the 1990s to the present.

I share that my father’s name is not on my birth certificate because my parents were not married when I was born. Hence the name bastard. I even share how I discovered the meaning of the word bastard. Nappy Headed refers to the texture of my hair and it gives you a great deal of insight to what is like being an african american colored negro black man in America. I share my experience with racism, economism and a host of other isms. Ive actually perfermormed it twice here in LA at the Whitefire Theatre. 

Sammie Wayne Poe was born in West Point, MS in 1962.  He spent the first fifteen years of his life being raised by his single mother (Cassie Edwina Poe) and his great grand mother (Cassie Powers Montgomery).  For a short while (1974-1976) he lived in Metarie, LA and Gentilly, LA with his mother Cassie and two of his four sisters (Denise and Norren). 

 In 1978, Sammie moved from West Point to Chicago, IL to live with his father (Sammie Wayne, III), his “other” mother( Mabel Harris Wayne) and his other two sisters (Cynthia and Cheryl) . When he moved to Chicago he changed his name from Sammie Wayne Poe to Sammie Wayne, IV. (the reason for the name change is a whole other story).

Sammie Wayne Poe

Sammie Wayne

Sammie Wayne, IV is a father, actor, director. He has won several theater awards for acting and lighting design. Recently he played roles on BounceTVs, In the Cut , Netflix’s Ratchet and Ken Sagoes, film The McHenry Trial. Sammie has directed several one person and multi person stage plays. He just directed a made for Read More