John K

Am I alone? John K by Stephanie Vlahos at Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Please be introduced. You are welcome to join this journey…

We have harnessed the atom; we will harness the stars, and what thereafter?

John K. Mercury

Maybe we will evolve and discover the connection between mortality and immortality?

Maybe I will evolve?

Maybe this weary misanthrope isn’t a misanthrope?

Maybe what is ahead is my beginning? 

I am a witless forger of my fate, a fate that should have been about touching a life, providing someone insight into their humanity, reminding whomever that all of us are everything. We are all, we are…

John K. Mercury


if you knew how lucky you are, you would be more god than mortal

John K 1.00

I am busting through particles, deep space feels like inverted energy

John K 1.01

I’d like to become the top candidate for the launch to Mars

John K 1.02

Mercury, after careful consideration, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be the first person on Mars

John K 1.03

For some reason, I haven’t eaten for the past twenty-four hours

John K 1.04

I am lonely but not as lonely as I was back on Earth

John K 1.05

I am invisible as I float toward that bright red light like a near-death experience

John K 1.06

The planet is close enough to feel

John K 1.07

It is a long way down

John K 1.08

I slept for a few hours

JohnK 1.09

Are you there, Forthright?

John K 1.10

I am weightless and yet, the red mass seems to meet me with enormous speed

John K 1.11

What do you see, John?

John K 1.12