Jack Zager

jack zagger

I’m Jack Zager and I am the director of Never Say Never Unless It’s Forever. I fell in love with this piece because of its incredibly American spirit. I want this production to be a window into the America that I live in. Never Say Never Unless It’s Forever reflects the complexion of America today as well as the soul of our youth, including both its triumphs and shortcomings. I believe that this production showcases the problems young people face, and the importance of leadership. Not just leaders who lead with strength, but leaders who lead with tolerance. I am excited to share this project, and can’t wait to bring a taste of my America to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Kyle Branch

Never Say …

A show that takes its inspiration from the Lost Boys of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. A 40-minute theatrical presentation that focuses on alienated youth, gangs, intolerance, and perspective. The show includes rap and some music.