Heidi Mastrogiovanni

Heidi Mastrogiovanni

Despite her hometown being a suburb of New York City, her alma mater (Wesleyan University) resting smack dab in the middle of the Nutmeg State, and sixteen glorious post-college years spent running amok on the fabled Island of Manhattan, Heidi Hi! (“Yup, that’s right; first name Heidi, middle name Hi! and that includes the exclamation point.”) Mastrogiovanni kicked her east coast sensibilities to the curb in a display of disloyalty Vidkun Quisling would find contemptible the moment she moved to the City of Angels and discovered that “The weather in Los Angeles is, like, perfect, like, all the time.”

Heidi is a dedicated animal welfare advocate who lives with her fabulous musician husband Tom Bishel and their rescued senior dogs. She loves to read, hike, travel, and do a classic spit-take whenever something is really funny. Heidi is fluent in German and French, though she doesn’t understand why both those languages feel they need more than one definite article.

Heidi is the author of the comedic novel Lala Pettibone’s Act Two (finalist for the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards) and the sequel, Lala Pettibone: Standing Room Only. She is thrilled to be one-third of the triumvirate constituting The Classics Slacker along with Cristina Negron and Deb Martin. To date, they have tackled The Classics Slacker Reads Moby Dick, The Classics Slacker Reads Madame Bovary, and The Classics Slacker Reads The Scarlet Letter, with The Classics Slacker Reads The Picture of Dorian Gray among the upcoming titles. “Seriously, there are maybe a bazillion ponderous classics out there waiting to be mocked, so it’s not like we’re gonna run out of material anytime soon.”

With James Napoli (The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm), Heidi is co-host of the “Movies Not Movies” comedy podcast. She loves contributing book reviews and articles to the Washington Independent Review of Books and the New York Journal of Books, because “I am nothing if not aggressively opinionated.”

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Heidi Mastrogiovanni

Hi! the previews

Starting just about every conversation with a cheery, almost treacly “Hi!,” Heidi quite simply adores interviewing “people, people, all manner and type of people, because, my god, I challenge you to find anyone who is nosier than I am…”
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