Gwyn Mackenzie

Gwyn Mackenzie

In 2021 Gwyn was part of the American in Tent Reach In program. This promoted the voice of youth, cuz the kids are alright. Directed and performed by youth artists, this program advocates cultural commonality out of current issues that deeply afflict younger generations.

Following that, Gwyn has been the voice of Imani in the Mercury’s Wake series.

Mercury's Wake - original audio fiction

Mercury’s Wake

Where sci-fi is yesterday’s news when you already live in dystopia. sharing is caring Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitter before chaos mercury’s wake podcast Before Chaos – podcast Trust me, it’ll all just get weirder That’s mine, by the way What Drama May Come Vegas is for opportunists Room Service Bonus Read More
Kyle Branch

Never Say …

A show that takes its inspiration from the Lost Boys of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. A 40-minute theatrical presentation that focuses on alienated youth, gangs, intolerance, and perspective. The show includes rap and some music.
We Are – bringing voice to the spoken word
A community space for artists to collaborate, create, showcase, innovate, flex their imagination and talent.