I am on a road trip to Mars

A Science Fiction short novel

An astronaut sits in the perverse solitude of a spaceship hurtling to Mars or… somewhere. But we’re all on a journey with uncertain ends, what matters is the journey, right?

Naturally, the COVID pandemic has influenced the narrative; with our lives reduced to digital online profiles in lockdown, and our homes becoming sanctuaries we hide in, there’s been a shift from the real-life community ties to isolated hermit-hood. As John K.  lapses into dreams of bustling Earth streets.

Lothian Life review of Author’s reading

Sadly there is no star rating for WTF? … I challenge anyone to follow and fully understand the intent of some of the material.

Edinburgh Fringe Review for Author’s reading.

For as much as there might be glory in heroic outcomes, John K Mercury isn’t focused on endgames. He’s focused on the moment. His journey is riddled with sad reflections and hopeful epiphanies, an existential joyride in search of meaning. Who is John K – a loveless misanthrope or a bot reaching for what it is to be human? 

Does it matter?

audio drama fiction space ship Am I Alone? John K. A Science Fiction short novel – conceived under Lockdown.
“If you knew how lucky you are,
you would be more god than mortal”

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John K. I am on a road trip to Mars. "If you knew how lucky you are, you would be more god than mortal" by Stephanie Vlahos
John K. I am on a road trip to Mars.
by Stephanie Vlahos

JOHN K – Am I Alone? is a black comedy asking big questions. It’s a bedtime story, a  meditation that doesn’t presume to know, but presumes to ask – an encouragement for all of us who find ourselves exhausted by the constant unraveling of things we can’t control.