Elle Qui Chante – by Todd Everett for Variety Magazine

stephanie vlahos

Unlike many opera stars trying to expand into pop styles, mezzo-soprano Vlahos doesn’t oversing most of her material; that’s a definite plus.


Band: Christopher Guardino, Nick Ariondo, Steuart Liebig, Gary Ferguson.

European decadence, multiple costume changes, slinky female dancers and songs of a sexually ambiguous nature — the new Madonna tour? No, it’s the latest cabaret act by opera singer Stephanie Vlahos. And, between the two, Vlahos has the better voice and much better songs.

Two years ago, Vlahos’ review of Kurt Weill compositions played the Largo in Hollywood; her current show is an imaginatively staged selection of songs, most in French and by French composers.

Instead of familiar Piaf retreads, though, or transatlantic standards like “Autumn Leaves,” Vlahos has selected compositions predominantly from the past couple of decades. The writers most familiar to U.S. audiences are Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour and Serge Gainsbourg — plus Bizet’s “La Habanera,” a number by classical composer Francis Poulenc, and Maurice Chevalier’s signature “Louise” (written in English by Americans Richard Whiting and Leo Robin).

http://trainmyear.blogspot.com/2013/02/dans-les-caboulots.html (A reflection on Serge Gainsbourg by friend and journalist and Editor-in-Chief of American Theatre Magazine, Rob Kendt)