Dr Bradley Jones

Dr Bradley Jones

D. Bradley Jones, Psy.D, LCSW made his Broadway debut in 1978 in a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar at The Longacre Theater. After that, Bradley worked steadily doing Off Broadway, national tours, and regional work until he was hired to play the role of Gregory Gardner in Michael Bennett’s A Chorus Line. Bradley made his home in ACL on tour and at New York’s Shubert Theater for almost a decade. When he retired from ACL due to a knee injury, he pursued his undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies to become a psychotherapist. Dr. Jones is a graduate of two psychoanalytic institutes: The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (IPSS) in NYC, and The Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP/LA) in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently on faculty at both institutes, and on the coordinating committee of IPSS. In private practice for 23 years now, Bradley has a special interest in working with substance use, people in the performing arts, polyamory and non-monogamous relationships, and also with long term survivors of HIV infection. His cabaret act Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism was nominated for a MAC Award in NYC, and a Broadway World Award in LA.

Mercury's Wake - original audio fiction

Mercury’s Wake

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Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism

Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism — The Psychoanalytic Odyssey of a Once Glorified Chorus Boy

Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism…The Psychoanalytic Odyssey of a Once Glorified Chorus Boy regales us through 70 minutes, with Jones applying a rapier wit to true tales of his early childhood as a budding theater queen, nearly ten years on Broadway in A Chorus Line, backstage life and excessive drug use, living through the AIDS pandemic, a murder and making Read More
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