Wayne Peet

wayne peet

Wayne Edward Peet  is an American jazz pianist & organist active chiefly on the West Coast jazz scene.

Peet began on piano at age six; he played in churches in WashingtonOregonIdaho, and California while young. He also played trombone but quit the instrument in his early 20s. He attended Westmont College from 1973 to 1977, where he was a founding member with John Rapson of the Frobisher Hall Art Ensemble.

Peet moved to Los Angeles in 1978 to play with John Rapson. He played with Alex ClineNels ClineVinny Golia, and Steuart Liebig in the 1980s, and recorded for Golia’s Nine Winds label. Peet has composed extensively for film and television, and also does production and engineering for Nine Winds, pfMentum, Blue Note, Enja, Atavistic, Little Brother, SST and other labels. He wrote arrangements for Brian Setzer from 1992–94, played with Bobby Bradford in 2000 and engineered the first Leviathan Brothers EP in 2005.

Stephanie Vlahos

What’s my book about? (with Wayne Peet)

This is my beat poem introducing a Spoken Word universe about torn value systems, consumerist pursuits, celebrity overload, chatter, the disproportion, aliens among strangers, strangers among strangers, and an astronaut named John K Mercury hurtling toward Mars in search of meaning. Listen up. Will you, like the seven strangers, become a disciple? Mercury’s Wake is Learn More