Stephanie Vlahos

Stephanie Vlahos

Every artist’s journey is full of insights, and, therefore, artists’ collaborations are great paradigms for fruitful exchange. I am interested in assisting expression. I cherish creative perspectives and the camaraderie in sharing how each of us approaches the journey.

Stephanie Vlahos

A Story About Reading a Book

Spoken word production based on Mercury’s Wake by Stephanie Vlahos and mixed with Blasto! by Wayne Peet’s Doppler Funk

Stephanie Vlahos

What’s my book about? (with Wayne Peet)

This is my beat poem introducing a Spoken Word universe about torn value systems, consumerist pursuits, celebrity overload, chatter, the disproportion, aliens among strangers, strangers among strangers, and an astronaut named John K Mercury hurtling toward Mars in search of meaning. Listen up. Will you, like the seven strangers, become a disciple? Mercury’s Wake is Learn More

john k

John K

I am a witless forger of my fate, a fate that should have been about touching a life, providing someone insight into their humanity, reminding whomever that all of us are everything. We are all, we are…

moon room

In the Moon Room

Everlasting, steadfast beacon, she moves in phases of renewal. The moon. We stand in her sanctuary.

Jean Rhys

A Branch of Frangipani–a stage director prepares Willy Holtzman’s play, The First Mrs. Rochester

Willy Holtzman’s play The First Mrs Rochester is a witty and sometimes gritty depiction of the author Jean Rhys, and the inspiration for her acclaimed novel, The Wide Sargasso Sea. Rhys was thought to be dead until she was discovered by an actress hoping to revive her career. When Selma Vaz Dias finds Rhys in Learn More