Cosette Pin

cosette pin

COSETTE PIN is an international, multi-disciplinary designer and artist based out of New York City. She has been designing lighting, sound, projections, and sets for theatre and live performance for the past 11 years across Canada, The United States, and the UK. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada in Production Design and Technical Arts, UK  she is excited and honoured to be part of this special and passionate piece of theatre. Recent design credits include Pygmalion (Guild Festival Theatre, Lighting Design), The Nutcracker (Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, Lighting Direction), Coppelia (Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, Lighting Direction), The Wolves (Howland/Crows Theatre, Sound Design Asst), Grace (Nightwood, Sound Design Asst), Cannibal (Scrap Paper Theatre, Lighting/Sound Design), Chicago (Jazz Hands Productions, Set Design), Every Day She Rose (Nightwood, Sound Design), Box 4901 (Timeshare Productions, Lighting Design *Dora Nominated), Embodying Power and Place (Nightwood, Sound Design), Orestes (Acropolis Now, Video and Digital Design), Prospect Hill (Piper Theatre, Sound Design)

She Said

I was raped in New York City during my final week of college in 2013. This moment marked a rupture in my childhood freedom and forced the beginning of my autonomy as an adult.