Seven Strangers

seven strangers

Spoken word trope on the forthcoming book and podcast, Mercury’s Wake, by Stephanie Vlahos and mixed with Blasto! by Wayne Peet’s Doppler Funk

Alex Player Wavesurfer

Seven Strangers, subtitled (What’s My Book About?), is a beat poem about pitching a novel and spinning the written word to the spoken word in podcast.

Mercury’s Wake is an extensive text which introduces John K and Seven Strangers.

Please be introduced to John K. Mercury –
a misanthrope on a mission to Mars.

A story about reading a book
a road trip in the American South West

Ah, the act of creation, such a brave act of heart and effort, so much examination of self – throwing out what you sense isn’t necessary, being brutally honest, dipping into self-doubt, yet somewhere within, you continue to blow your own trumpet because you have to.

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