What’s my book about?

seven strangers

Searching for the divine in the preposterous.

Torn value systems, consumerist pursuits, celebrity overload, chatter, the disproportion, aliens among strangers, strangers among strangers, and an astronaut named John K Mercury hurtling toward Mars in search of meaning. The aftermath of his story? How a book can impact the world. 
What’s my book about? JOHN K.

This is my beat poem introducing a novel about seven strangers following in the wake of a self-proclaimed misanthrope on a mission to Mars. His thoughts are documented in a mysterious book discovered in a blown-out Cadillac in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. The book is entitled, JOHN K.

Listen up. Will you, too, become a disciple?

Spoken word trope on the forthcoming book and podcast, Mercury’s Wake, by Stephanie Vlahos and mixed with Blasto! by Wayne Peet’s Doppler Funk. You can’t get more funky than what we’re living…or not.

Alex Player Wavesurfer

Mercury’s Wake is an extensive text which introduces John K and Seven Strangers.

Please be introduced to John K. Mercury –
a misanthrope on a mission to Mars.

A story about reading a book
a road trip in the American South West

Ah, the act of creation, such a brave act of the heart and mind – a brutal act of self-examination.

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