Jean-Pierre Boccara

Born in Tunisia and raised in Paris, Jean-Pierre Boccara first came to Los Angeles in 1976 as a film student.

He is widely known as a restaurant and nightclub owner as well as an artist, having created several seminal clubs in Los Angeles, Boccara reflects on art and the art of the impressario, artfully.

The art of art in the community space of social exchange is powerful. The Lhasa Club, Lhasaland, Cafe Largo and Luna Park booked many genres, including music, lyrics, Comedy, Film, cabaret, and pre-digital media art show. These objects have received critical acclaim not only by their revolutionary action, but also for the cuisine and atmosphere. Boccara’s clubs featured an eclectic range of performers, people like Jack Black, Alanis Morrissette, John Fleck, Ellen DeGeneres, Branford Marsalis, LL Cool J, Pink Martini, Henry Rollins, Devo, Depeche Mode, Lucinda Williams, Stephanie Vlahos, Kathy Griffin, Ann Magnuson, John Lurie.

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