Cooperstown – a jazz opera by Sasha Matson

‘Baseball, more than any other major league sport, is deeply woven into the fabric of American culture. It is a metaphor for life.’ –Sasha Matson, composer.

The story of Cooperstown is an American story about the great American pastime–baseball. It speaks to the heart of Americans, how our passions easily and guilelessly blur or tear us apart.

Opera and baseball? Opera and jazz? Yeah. An opera about one heart too big and one heart too small that plays out like a present-day Othello, of passion and obsession, and the regret over choices not taken. Cooperstown is a masterful expression of jazz in the Miles Davis tradition. Imagine yourself on a second cocktail cheering Hit it out of the park!

Inning 1 – intro

Alex Player Wavesurfer

Inning 4 -vocals

About the Composer

Sasha Matson was born in Seattle, and grew up in Berkeley, California. As an undergraduate he attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where his primary composition teachers were Elinor Armer and John Adams – later studying privately with Andrew Imbrie.

Sasha completed graduate studies at UCLA, where he received the PhD in music theory and composition. In Los Angeles Sasha composed for a variety of media – his credits include the scores for a dozen dramatic feature films. He has taught at La Grange College, Long Island University, and the State University of New York.  Recordings include two albums with audiophile producer Joe Harley –  Steel Chords & i-5 ( New Albion Records )

These have been followed by two albums produced by John Atkinson – Cooperstown   (Albany/Troy Records ) and Tight Lines ( Stereophile Records ). 

Sasha writes extensively about music and audio, and is currently a Contributing Editor for Stereophile magazine, AudioQuest Music and Range of Light.

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