Pacific Cinderella


Pacific Cinderella a collaboration between young artists from Los Angeles and Hangzhou China

The story of Pacific Cinderella is a metaphor for coming-of-age not just for the individual but for our global community.  It is a story of hope.

Pacific Cinderella is a journey that begins before the production itself is realized; where young people from two arts high schools separated by an ocean not only share their indigenous theatrical traditions but also share their common popular traditions. 

The Perrault story of Cinderella is predated by a Chinese fairy tale entitled, Ye Xian.  Whether these stories found common ground through the shared experience of an evolving world or through the meandering of oral storytelling, their similarities suggest common experiences and indeed a cultural sharing through storytelling and traditions long before the word “global” took on a value for our modern world.

These stories are the perfect platform to express the commonality of our modern cultures.  Loosely told, they speak to greater metaphors about our ever-evolving world, our youth,  and the value of art in our global community.


Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.—Confucius

Lights fade out on other girls leaving only Je Xian and Cinderella on either side of downstage.  Clocks are struck but for their clocks.

Je Xian and Cinderella each take a book  out of their backpacks and begin to read.  Their desks appear and they sit.

2 teachers appear either side of the stage.

Chinese Teacher

(in Mandarin)

Once upon a time there were two young women.

American Teacher

(in English) 

The lived far apart…miles and miles away…

Chinese Teacher

A great river flowed between them…

American Teacher

They each dreamt of other lives  – of love, of fulfillment, 

of dreams realized.

Chinese Teacher

They lost themselves in stories and fantasies.

American Teacher

Of all the stories, one story resonated in both their hearts

Chinese Teacher

Je Xian

American Teacher