Anindo Marshall

Anindo Marshall

Anindo began her musical and dance career in her homeland of Kenya, as a vocalist/dancer/percussionist. She enjoyed a successful solo career in Europe, as a vocalist, signing a recording contract with EMI Spain, and becoming known as Kenya’s singing sensation. Anindo has performed with Babatunde Olatunji, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, among others.

While in Kenya as a young dance student in ballet, modern, jazz and African, she met Saundra Barnes, a Dunham dancer living in Kenya and teaching Dunham Technique. Anindo studies with Ms Barnes (Ife) and in 1983 moved to the USA continuing her study of the Technique with Miss Dunham, and Dunham Masters like: Pearl Reynolds, Archie Savage, Lucille Ellis, Tommy Gomez, Tally Beatty, Vanove Aikens, Theo Jamison, Ronald Marshall and Keith Williams.

Today Ms. Marshall is a Certified Dunham Technique Instructor, and serves as a board member of the Katherine Dunham Certification Board. She has taught and continues to teach all worldwide, including Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Los Angeles County High School of the Arts (LACHSA,) Dance Dimensions, Lula Washington Dance Theater, Occidental College, LMU, UCI, USC , CSULA and conducts Dunham Technique residencies in LAUSD schools as part of the Arts Community Partnership Network.  Also conducting residencies in colleges all over the US.

Anindo is also an accomplished musician, percussionist and a dance teacher of African dance from East, South, Central and West Africa.. She has studied with the world’s finest percussionists, Babatude Olatunji, Mamadi Keita, Mor Thiam, Lamin Dido Camara, Karamba Diabate to mention a few.  Her study of African rhythms made her continue studying West African dance as well under the umbrella of such teachers as Kimoko Samo (formerly artistic director of Les Ballet African of Guinea W. Africa), Marie Basse and countless other great African dance teachers. Teaching music in Montrose, California, running the school choir band and flag team. She teaches percussion from Africa and Latin America and private vocal and piano classes to children.

Anindo also works as Program Director with Dream A World – a non – profit organization that takes Arts to kindergarten students in title one schools in Los Angeles. She also works with Los Angeles Sheriff Dept Probation, in Juvenile Camps all across LA Country, teaching drumming. He goal is to open a performing arts school in Mumias, Kenya. 

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