American in Tent 2022

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Featuring over twenty American artists representing works from performance art to play, jazz opera, dramatic process, young adult outreach, incubator works, sci-fi, comedy and song.

Project Headliners 2022

The American [in]Tent is a collective of artists interested in speaking to the American narrative who honour the diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails them. 

The New Current – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021

We collaborate with a number of artists, performers, writers and organisations.

Bringing imagination and creativity for engagement around people, products and services.
Sit back and rest for a while. Reach out, reach in, and move some energy.

American [in]Tent 2022

A project conceived under the constraints of the pandemic, American [in]Tent began as a virtual offering at the Fringe Festival ’21 with the intent of speaking to an American narrative through the voices of artists. American [in]Tent honours sustainability, diversity, and the art of storytelling. Below, please explore and enjoy our 2021 offerings. You can find out more about American [in]Tent and our artists by clicking on the link in our menu.

Between the Lines…

A hard-edged, youth-focused spoken word series freely inspired by classic stories, beginning with Never Say… (originally developed and showcased for American [in]Tent 2021)

In the Moon Room – The Utopia Conversation: Frances Wright

First created for American [in]Tent 2021, In the Moon Room is a series dedicated to the story of creative development through conversation. In the Moon Room tells stories about key progressive women in our history whose voices have been muted.

We Are Vocal – talent

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art of the possible we are vocal

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    Edinburgh fringe 2021 Assembly

    From baseball to outer space, American [in] Tent revue show is a lively event chock-a-block with all sorts of perspectives on current American life. Our Tent features performance artists, playwrights, composers, musical theatre performers, emergent talent, gender-driven narratives, singers, fantasy, drama, comedy, tragedy, jazz, opera, hip-hop and American art.

    Our creators are from all over the United States. Dip into our menu of works which are upcoming on the festival scene. We are dedicated to artists as thought leaders, bringing voice to spoken word, travel sustainability and diversity.

    A virtual spoken word venue –
bringing voice to the spoken word

    We Are a location for collaboration around the practice of writing, performing and producing exceptional words, pictures, sounds and performances.

    We are where we are and you are where you are – join us.

    * an expanding group of artists promoting diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails us.

    * using Spoken Word toward artful engagement and learning, meanwhile reducing negative impact on the environment.

    * seeking fruitful cultural exchange and greater global awareness.

    * exploring ways to ensure that even in the darkest of times, the artist’s voice is heard.

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