We ARE VOCAL sees artists as thought-leaders always searching for new mediums of expression. We believe that the virtual space is a stage with an intimate engagement through soliloquys transforming into theatrical mindscapes.

Nothing can replace the visceral energy of a stage performance, being inches from a great work of art, sitting in the womb of a resonant concert hall hearing every gesture of the cellist, but…increasingly, we purchase tickets to virtual Broadway and opera, download mp4s, pore over an artist’s oeuvre on an online gallery.

The creators of We Are Vocal can’t duplicate the textured experience of what is live, but we can seek to offer an alternative to a night out at the movies or a binge out on your favourite series. We offer entertainment that will make you think and a continuing relationship with art. 

From the art of the possible to art of the probable. We Are supports performers, writers and directors.

We work with producers, schools and venues to develop practice and productions.