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Bringing voice to the word

Finding herself in Edinburgh, Scotland during early lockdown (2020), Stephanie Vlahos moved from 'live performances' to the Virtual.

Working with co-creators and performers she brought together a virtual cast to bring 'voice to the word'.

Working with multiple creators she revisited the art of storytelling to ensure that the artist's voice could be heard, even when the lights had been dimmed in theaters around the globe.

We Are Vocal create original audio-based performances. We have featured these in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and elsewhere.

Along the way we have been working to develop and nurture new and emerging talent. New works are in development bringing original stories and compelling voices to the fore.


Bringing voice to the word with Jonathan Medina, Gwyneth Mackenzie, Julia Fulton, Robin Buck, Daniel Morin, Neal Ressa, William Godfree, Bridget Graham, Benito Borjas, Kenny Ricci, Aidan Moravec, Michael Donald, Heidi Mastrogiovanni, Roger Sherman, Nancy Bleemer, Wesley Moran, Dawn Cantwell, Benno Ressa, Anindo Marshall and Mindy Lee—creators of voices for the multi-cast narration of Mercury's Wake for Audible. The Journey Continues.

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Bringing Voice to the Word