About the American [in] Intent

Even in the worst of times, we cannot allow the silencing of art. Whether attending a live theatre event or an art gallery, people value their engagement with art. It is the most succinct interface between what we experience in our world and how we process it. 

We don’t speak for America, but we do seek to express ourselves through mindful reflection. Our American narrative speaks to truths and acknowledges them. We can’t apply sugar to wounds. But every artist shares their story differently.

An expanding group of artists speaking to the American narrative.
Promoting diversity and positive inclusion while freely exploring everything that ails us.

Increasing the opportunity to use Spoken Word to positively support learning, while reducing negative impact on the environment.

We seek fruitful cultural exchange, greater global awareness, and exploring ways to ensure that even in the darkest of times, the artist’s voice is heard.

We Are supported by our Listeners

American Journeys – Art in Motion…

We Are the American (in) Tent is a collaboration between multiple artists and creators to bring voice to the word.

This is an American road trip where we enjoy the journey and the final destination.

Every good story involves a journey.

We first document our journey to Edinburgh in podcast – a technology that is only beginning to explore its value but offers an altered theater environment, one that conjures the intimacy of the stage in your head space while you gaze at Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat or bask in the Edinburgh early evening sun.

This year’s works are a prelude to their destination – live, onstage in 2022; they tell stories of the artist’s process that we can envision but can’t yet see. What inspires creation is no less passionate and insightful than the final result of inspiration.