A Story About Reading a Book

Stephanie Vlahos

“If you knew how lucky you are you would be more god than mortal.”


A trailer for the book Mercury’s Wake…searching for the divine in the preposterous.

Please be introduced to John K. Mercury and all who follow in his wake.

My thanks to the gifts of actors:

Additional thanks to the gifted singer-songwriter, Matt Hillyer

All Rights Reserved, Mercury’s Wake the novel. All Songs by Stephanie Vlahos with the exception of She’s Solo In Vegas (Matt Hillyer/Stephanie Vlahos), sung by Matt Hillyer ©vlahos/hillyer2020

Ah, the act of creation, such a brave act of the heart and mind – a brutal act of self-examination.

Stephanie Vlahos

Stephanie Vlahos

Every artist’s journey is full of insights, and, therefore, artists’ collaborations are great paradigms for fruitful exchange. I am interested in assisting expression. I cherish creative perspectives and the camaraderie in sharing how each of us approaches the journey.

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