A Road Trip to Mars – a triptych

john k

A series of spoken word performances telling the story of creation – the writer’s creation, where characters on the page become real.

John K

I am a witless forger of my fate, a fate that should have been about touching a life, providing someone insight into their humanity, reminding whomever that all of us are everything. We are all, we are…
Stephanie Vlahos

What’s my book about? (with Wayne Peet)

This is my beat poem introducing a Spoken Word universe about torn value systems, consumerist pursuits, celebrity overload, chatter, the disproportion, aliens among strangers, strangers among strangers, and an astronaut named John K Mercury hurtling toward Mars in search of meaning. Listen up. Will you, like the seven strangers, become a disciple? Mercury’s Wake is Read More
Stephanie Vlahos

A Story About Reading a Book

Spoken word production based on Mercury’s Wake by Stephanie Vlahos and mixed with Blasto! by Wayne Peet’s Doppler Funk

A universe of characters following in the “wake” of JOHN K, but their journey that is far more cosmic than a trip to Mars.

For more information on John K and the Mercury’s Wake podcast series, stay tuned for the episodes:

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