We Are bring American [in] Tent to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021

We are delighted to announce that our American [in] Tent revue show – exploring the art of the possible will feature at the Assembly Theatre’s Showcatcher virtual venue. Assembly Festival will welcome back international performance to Edinburgh with a hand-picked selection of curated seasons to be streamed on its new online venue, Assembly Showcatcher. Bringing Learn More

A Road Trip to Mars – a triptych

A series of spoken word performances telling the story of creation – the writer’s creation, where characters on the page become real. A universe of characters following in the “wake” of JOHN K, but their journey that is far more cosmic than a trip to Mars. For more information on John K and the Mercury’s Learn More

Hi! the previews

Starting just about every conversation with a cheery, almost treacly “Hi!,” Heidi quite simply adores interviewing “people, people, all manner and type of people, because, my god, I challenge you to find anyone who is nosier than I am…”

Heidi Mastrogiovanni

Despite her hometown being a suburb of New York City, her alma mater (Wesleyan University) resting smack dab in the middle of the Nutmeg State, and sixteen glorious post-college years spent running amok on the fabled Island of Manhattan, Heidi Hi! (“Yup, that’s right; first name Heidi, middle name Hi! and that includes the exclamation Learn More

Dr Bradley Jones

D. Bradley Jones, Psy.D, LCSW made his Broadway debut in 1978 in a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar at The Longacre Theater. After that, Bradley worked steadily doing Off Broadway, national tours, and regional work until he was hired to play the role of Gregory Gardner in Michael Bennett’s A Chorus Line. Bradley made his Learn More

Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism — The Psychoanalytic Odyssey of a Once Glorified Chorus Boy

Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism…The Psychoanalytic Odyssey of a Once Glorified Chorus Boy regales us through 70 minutes, with Jones applying a rapier wit to true tales of his early childhood as a budding theater queen, nearly ten years on Broadway in A Chorus Line, backstage life and excessive drug use, living through the AIDS pandemic, a murder and making Learn More

Wayne Peet

Wayne Edward Peet  is an American jazz pianist & organist active chiefly on the West Coast jazz scene. Peet began on piano at age six; he played in churches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California while young. He also played trombone but quit the instrument in his early 20s. He attended Westmont College from 1973 to 1977, where he was a founding member with John Rapson of the Frobisher Hall Learn More