Mavro Gala, a film by Nicholas Triandafyllidis

“A young writer, who wastes his talent in a soap opera, mourns the end of his affair with the protagonist of the serial. He then gets entangled with an editor, while seducing his wife. A black surrealistic comedy, whose hero also has the ability to transfer himself in time-space. He finally transfers himself to his Learn More

“What If?” Inaugural Production for Domingo-Thornton Young Artists Program at LA Opera

What If is the question first asked by the great father of theatre technique, Constantin Stanislavski . It is the springboard for the actor’s imagination. We often forget (or neglect) the great aspect of theatre in opera. We rightfully mistake its theatre as its music. I have always said, that the greatest thing about opera, Learn More

The Gangster Hour

A pastiche of whodunnit mixed with big band taken to its funk and jazz extremes. “In the best numbers, Juilliard-trained Vlahos covers well-known, though not often-heard tunes, giving them a dark edge. Most memorable are Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher” and John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.” A Maurice Ravel sound poem, “A Piece in the Form Learn More