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Mercury's Wake- Before Chaos by Stephanie Vlahos

Fiction paperback images available from Amazon Discover mystery fiction with a captivating metaphysical visionary twist.

Review by Theatre Travels

"In space we face both our pasts and our futures, what we have been and where we might be going."

Review by Lothian Life

“...a thought-provoking, timely piece."




New paperback book by Stephanie Vlahos Pascal's Wager also available on Amazon Kindle

New Novel from the Mercury's Wake series.

Written by Stephanies Vlahos Pascal's Wager is the second book in the series MERCURY'S WAKE. Moving from hotel rooms to social encounters, gambling tables to hotel kitchens the story entwines each character through conflicts with strangers, acts of kindness, romantic interest, games of chance which reveal a common interest in one book.

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