Just Festival

The Just Festival is Edinburgh's socially conscious festival which offers a programme of performing and visual arts, conversations and talks.

"...we can be part of the wider movement to establish a more united world. With these values in mind, we strive to promote a safe, inclusive and creative environment for everyone who is willing to engage with us to work together to foster understanding and respect."

It aims to challenge perceptions, celebrate differences and promote respectful dialogues. It creates a space for dialogue and platforms for engagement in local, national and international questions of social justice, equality and identity, both from the religious and non-religious perspectives. It runs in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; celebrating humanity in all its differences. The Just Festival promotes the exploration of new perspectives with the aim of reducing religious, political and social intolerance.

It aims to welcome everyone, regardless of how they identify themselves or how they are identified by others by providing a stage for performances which explore questions of social justice, equality and identity.

It's values centre on a belief that through respect for each other's faith and belief, culture, philosophy and ideas, as well as each individual's right to self-expression and freedom.


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