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Be the Beat August 2018

WeAre - Adaawe opens on 7th of August as part of the Just Festival’s season “OutsideIn” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. Venue 127

Family friendly and enchanting, WeARE – Adaawe stars the Los Angeles all-female drumming band 'Adaawe'. 
The LA Times calls the band Adaawe

"Elevating, energetic, fusion of voice and drums..." 

WeARE - Adaawe is The List's Top tip for music at 9pm. 
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Directed and created by 5-star Fringe director, Stephanie Vlahos, WeARE brings together musicians and performers from Edinburgh, Los Angeles and beyond.  It features gifted children onstage with professional performers in an exchange that is both joyous and poignant as we celebrate those who have inspired us through storytelling, dance, singing, and a rockin’ beat.   This is a story about the moon. This is a story about the glowing icons that we look to and attempt to reach.  This is a story about strength through love, healing through the power of self.  WeARE... the change.

Starring: members of the LA band Adaawe and featuring Edinburgh’s Ula Enaholo as the Young Girl aongside members of the Scotland’s Marion Sweeney School of Dance, with Musicians: Karel Kalaf, Neil Martin and Suzy Cargill. 

Come gather with us in the beautiful sanctuary of St John’s Church: Princes Street Gardens, 3B Lothian Road, EdinbEdinburgh, EH1 2EP

TICKETS: https://www.just-festival.org/box-office/

Yours, Stephanie and Anindo

PS Be the beat; Share the beat. Be the change.  

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Thanks to many especially Just Festival Director: Beata Skobodzinska along with Just Festival board and folk, parents, crew, and friends  who have supported our journey.


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WeARE - Adaawe

ADAAWE: a tradition among the women of Ghana where they gather under the full moon drum and tell stories in an effort to heal their communities.


Act 1: Gather

Amampondo – Chay Wright (arr. Miriam Makeba)

Ile Logun – Cuba (arr. ADAAWE)

Djole – Guinea (arr. ADAAWE)

Act 2: Listen

Guiro – Cuba (arr. ADAAWE)

Waka – Adaawe (with Nigerian/Yoruba language)

Sikiya – Adaawe (with Kenyan Swahili language)

Aye Buur Yalla – Senegal (Wolof language)

Iphi Ndela – South Africa, Miriam Makeba (arr. Blake Collie/Anindo Marshall)

Act 3: Speak Up

Things Are Gonna Change – Sam Cooke

Jingoloba – Nigeria (Babatunde Olatunji/Chorus, Anindo Marshall/Verses, arr. ADAAWE)

Yankadi/Makuru – Guinea, West Africa (arr ADAAWE)

A New Day  - Bunny Hull/Anindo Marshall (African Section – Congo)


Additional material:

“Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou

Hatshepsut rap by Dez “the Pharoah” Glover

Spoken poetry in "Sikiya" by Bridget Graham

Helen Keller Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69mx05GwsAo

Rosa Parks Video – from Manufacturing Intellect, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqiQqM9nQ0U




Adaawe: Anindo Marshall, Dez “the Pharoah” Glover, Bridget Graham

Young Girl: Ula Enaholo

Narrator: Erin Harrison

Young Dancers: (from the Marion Sweeney Dance School): Abbey Gordon, Anna Crewes, Iona Galbraith, Miley Snedden, Freya Lamont, Emily Paton, Lucy Gavin, Olivia Condie, Arabella Scott

Musicians: Karel Kalef, Neil Martin


Stephanie Vlahos, Writer/Director, Video/Sound compilation and presentation

Anindo Marshall, Composer/Choreographer

Lyver Chavez, Mask Artist



Rebecca Quayle, Stage Manager/Lights

Lewis Joyce, Assistant Stage Manager/Sound 


Our thanks to:

Marion Sweeney of Miss Marion Sweeney School of Dance in Linlithgow, Beata Skobodzinska and the Just Festival, moreover, our thanks to the mighty Pete Searle who gave us light!

It is the hope of WeARE to support community, strength, inspiration, and why we need to keep singing.  We are a tiny train with a mighty engine and we thank everyone who has assisted us in making this show shine.

“This is a story about the moon

This is a story about the glowing icons that we look to and attempt to reach.

This is the story of what dreams may guide us toward a loving world and what stories may shed light and inspire.

This is a story about strength through love, healing through the power of self.

This is a story about becoming, about choosing how weevolve.  The phases of the moon...let us be whole.  And, let us be women.

WeARE... the change.”

It is the hope of WeARE to support community, strength, inspiration, and why we need to keep singing.  We are a tiny train with a mighty engine and we thank everyone who has assisted us in making this show shine.  WeARE... Be the Beat, Be the Change.”

For more information on the show, the women of the group Adaawe, and the women who have inspired our performers, and our production find us at www.WeRglobal.show

WeR Productions develop and create original work for stage and screen with an emphasis on music and mindful content. If you are interested in the development, promotion and production of new work, please contact us via mail@werglobal.show




Los Angeles all-women percussion group, ADAAWE, bounce hip multiculturalism off their own ethnic roots in the world premiere of WeARE - ADAAWE - a theatrical, multimedia celebration of women in words and music.  Inspired by the women of Ghana, West Africa, who gather under the full moon to tell stories to heal their communities. ADAAWE share stories of the women of many cultures who have inspired, changed, and healed our world. 

WeARE - ADAAWE is for everyone willing to put their ear to the earth and listen!

Producer/Director of WeARE - Adaawe, Stephanie Vlahos comes to the directing profession with the experience of a former, professional opera singer with a crossover edge.  Her career has ranged in its collaborative work with artists such as Pierre Boulez, Andre Previn, Van Dyke Parks of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds, John Adams, Ry Cooder, Jeff Bridges, Walter Hill, Sir Peter Hall, Director Peter Sellars, the composer Danny Elfman, and Music Producers Don and David Was.   Among her private students in voice and theatre technique are Angel Blue (premiering Violetta at Covent Garden this Fall), Julie Adams (Adler Fellow, winner of Metropolitan Opera Competition), Dawn Cantwell (Principal performer on Broadway, Sting's Last Ship and Wicked), and the band HAIM.

A recipient of the Chanel Diva Award, Stephanie has sung in opera houses nationally and internationally in addition to her direction of and performances in cabaret-influenced performance art, earning her the monicker of the moonlighting Diva by the Associated Press.  Her one-woman shows toured Europe, most notably a tour in Greece where she was also featured as a Maria Callas character in Nicholas Triandafilydis film, Mavro Gala.  One of 30 artists across the States to be nominated for the prestigious United States Artists Grant for directing in 2014, Stephanie is recognised for her unique stagings of classical work such as La Boheme with Lyric Opera Virginia, and Britten’s Little Sweep in collaboration with Maestro James Conlon not to mention a new work for the Confucius Institute conceived and directed by Stephanie entitled Pacific Cinderella that premiered in Hangzhou, China in 2013.  Stephanie has directed opera, theatre, and event shows from sold-out performances of opera such as Le Nozze Di Figaro and Don Giovanni for California State University to critically successful Equity theatre productions of Old Wicked Songs and The Morini Strad.    

Opera Posse and Mentorship

Her boutique company, Opera Posse, hit the ground running with a critically-acclaimed production of Amahl and the Night Visitors at California's State Theatre, the Pasadena Playhouse, with Malcolm Macdowell reading A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Her hybrid production with freely conceived lyrics by Stephanie and interpolated pop songs by young high school students entitled, Carmen High (after the opera Carmen), was not only featured in Getty Images and Broadway World but also received 5-stars at the Edinburgh Fringe.  

A passionate advocate of outreach through education, Stephanie created a project at the LA County High School for the Arts, Full Circle Opera Project, dedicated to the outreach of opera not only by encouraging young singers to experience opera in performing grand opera themselves but through their own unique prism of perspective.  Full Circle Opera Project earned a generous 15-year grant from the Thornton Foundation and was acknowledged as "ground-breaking" by the LA Board of Supervisors.  "I have learned more about myself as an artist through mentorship than what I have ever been taught."

Stephanie earned her degree in music at Yale University with further studies in voice at The Juilliard School and while in Los Angeles, served on the Thornton School of Music, Board of Counselors at the University of Southern California .  In addition to her work as a Stage Director, Stephanie served as Theater Coach for the Domingo-Colburn-Stein Young Artist Program at LA Opera for five years.  Stephanie is currently based in Edinburgh where she is working on a variety of projects with folks from both the States and the UK.  Meanwhile, she still thinks every morning should have at least one biscotti in it.  

WeR Productions

Stephanie is excited to be working with her dear friend and colleague, Anindo Marshall on WeARE - Adaawe.  As artists, Stepahnie and Anindo share a passion for mentoring and for creating theatre and music with a mind toward encouragement, healing, and reflections on being human.   Their production company WeR is dedicated to communicating important stories through music and stagings that not only involve unique artists but the community at large.

*If you are interested in vocal or theatre coachings with Stephanie, you can contact her thru her voicehousela page on FB or at m.me/voicehousela or on this website.

ANINDO began her musical and dance career in her homeland of Kenya, as a vocalist/dancer/percussionist.
She enjoyed a successful solo career in Europe, as a vocalist, signing a recording contract with EMI Spain, and becoming known as Kenya's singing sensation. Anindo has performed with Babatunde Olatunji, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, among others. While in Kenya as a young dance student in ballet, modern, jazz and African, she met Saundra Barnes, a Dunham dancer living in Kenya and teaching Dunham Technique. Anindo studies with Ms. Barnes (Ife) and in 1983 moved to the USA continuing her study of the Technique with Miss Dunham, and Dunham Masters like: Pearl Reynolds, Archie Savage, Lucille Ellis, Tommy Gomez, Tally Beatty, Vanove Aikens, Theo Jamison, Ronald Marshall and Keith Williams. Her studies included Haitian, Afro Cuban, Brazilian and African forms as taught in Dunham Technique.

Today Ms. Marshall is a Certified Dunham Technique Instructor, and serves as a board member of the Katherine Dunham Certification Board. She has taught and continues to teach worldwide, including Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Dance Dimensions, Lula Washington Dance Theater, Occidental College, LMU, UCI, Dallas Black Dance Theater, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Dance Excellence, USC, LACHSA and conducts Arts residencies in LAUSD, Hawthorne School District and Wiseburn School District schools as programs director with Dream a World Education, as well as conducting residencies in colleges all over the U.S.A. Besides Dunham Technique, Anindo teaches – Africa Jazz and Modern.

Anindo is also an accomplished musician, percussionist and a dance teacher of African dance from East, South, Central and West Africa.. She has studied with the world's finest percussionists, Babatude Olatunji, Mamadi Keita, Mor Thiam, Lamin Dido Camara, Karamba Diabate to mention a few. Her study of African rhythms made her continue studying West African dance as well under the umbrella of such teachers as Kimoko Samo (formerly artistic director of Les Ballet African of Guinea W. Africa), Marie Basse and countless other great African dance teachers. Teaching music in Montrose, California, running the school choir band and flag team. She teaches percussion from Africa and Latin America.

I met Stephanie Vlavos at LACHSA, a performing arts school in Los Angesles, where we were both faculty members. We worked together on a couple of amazing productions and created a fiendship that lead to us workig together on WeR Productions. I'm looking forward to future productions following WeARE Adaawe...